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This week’s post is coming a little bit early and I am headed out of town for the next week or so.
I didn’t want to leave you guys without a post for the week. So this week I decided to take a bit of a break from the Nintendo book and try something different. I don’t normally do superheroes (although I love them)..but since everyone else does it I like to be different. However, in the spirit of doing different things, I decided to try and paint over someone else’s lines, which turned out to be pretty awesome.
I have been following this guy and Deviant art for a while (
One day I asked him if I could pick something from his gallery and paint over the work.

He said “sure” and below is what I got. If you are interested in reading the post you can see the entire process here.

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Ok, so the next in the Nintendo tribute series is Double Dragon. You played as one of two brothers or friends (I think), who had to fight your way through hordes and hordes of street gangs to rescue your girlfriend. For this particular piece I decided to try to work on anatomy, but do it in a simplified manner to suggest the form, but not go overboard with the details. Hm. It took me a while to post this one, because I wasn’t too hot on how it came out, however since I need to finish things I decided to post this one as a means to move onwards and learn from my mistakes. (Practice practice practice).

In the end, it’s not the worst, but in practicing I learned a few tricks a long the way to make the painting process easier. If I go over my original sketches and create a simple line drawing, that will eliminate having to work so hard when starting the color phase. Also, anatomy anatomy anatomy and values. Very hard to master, but I will be psyched when I get it. So that’s it for this one, next up is Jimmy Lee (Double Dragon part II).

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Nintendo Pro Wrestling!

Nintendo “Pro Wrestling” tribute. Done in Photoshop with a little bit of Painter. This is another addition to the Nintendo Tribute Art book for MoCCA fest in April.
Step by step process to come tomorrow.

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Nintendo Pro Wrestling! Step By Step

The next entry in my Nintendo tribute series is “Pro Wrestling”. This is another game that I played for hours and hours on end. It was and is still one of my favorites to this day (“A winner is you!”).

Below is the step by step to the final piece.

1. I wanted to do something that included all of the wrestlers naturally, so I did a couple of different sketches, of all the wrestlers in different poses, and finally settled on the one below. It basically has all of the wrestlers in the front, and Great Puma (the Champion of the VWL—Video Wrestling League) in the back overshadowing the rest of the wrestlers. (below)

2. Then I added a base black and white color and started to block in the shadows (below)

3. I added a background color to give the painting an overall sense of color (purple seemed to work well in the color scheme of the rest of the wrestlers in the group shot) (below)

4. Then I started to add the flat colors over all of the wrestlers (I used the original game instruction manual as a basis for the colors (below)

5. I next started to do the paintover layer, and went over all of the details and the edges. I had a little trouble with Starman’s arms as they were folded over each other. So I had to spend a little time going over that some more. Also, now that I am looking at it Figher Hayabusa’s shoulder (lower left next to The Amazon) looks a little humpy and weird. As always the biggest issue that I had was anatomy, although I felt that with this piece I am getting a little better. The key as always is practice (below)

6. Finally I added final shadows, and lighting, and used the text from the actual Pro-Wrestling box and voila! Done…it’s going in the book. 


Next up, Bubble Bobble!!!!!

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Nintendo Clu Clu Land: Process post

Here is a basic posting of the process for Clu Clu land from pretty much beginning to end.

A lot of the steps are the same, so I will only make notes where I think it is necessary:

1. I started with a bunch of composition sketches as always. (below)

2. I picked the one that I thought was most interesting. (below)

3. I added tones and shadows (below)

4. I then started to add the flat colors. In mid process I realized that I didn’t like what was happening with the hand. I realized that it would be easier to paint in an actual hand over the image so I added that in (below)

5. I then painted over the basic colors. I decided that I didn’t like what was happening with the textures in the Trojan piece, so I decided to not* get fancy and just used a basic round brush. I set the options so that the pen pressure controls would allow for a lot of sensitivity. (below)

6. The picture was very flat at this point and was missing some elements so, I added in a jewel (which is what you collect in the game) and then I also added in some poles (which in the original game your character uses to swing around and make turns to collect the jewels) (below)

7. I then tried to really push the lighting so that objects that are closer would stand out a lot more from objects that are further away (to try and give it a sense of depth) I also added in lighting and played with the shadows some more. (below)

8. Done and Done!

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